Here at Multus Deer Drag we are working to develop the most efficient deer drag and the easiest ways to drag a deer.   Our designs include the best comfort and dragging power.   To be the World’s best deer drag we also strive to be the most versatile and multipurpose deer drag system.    The perfect deer drag allows you to attach and drag antler or non-antler deer.

Dragging and loading a deer has never been easier.   The Multus deer drag has a perfect length 46-inch safety orange reflective strap and a comfort grip deer handle.  It weighs less than 4 ounces and fits in your pocket.  The durable handle and strap allows you to drag a deer in a cinch by securing it to the body or the horns.

The comfort grip deer drag is a hand saver and back saver.  It allows you to handle the deer with control and improved leverage and efficiency over a hill, through a creek, onto a 4-wheel or into the back of a truck.

The orange reflective deer strap can be used to secure the deer while driving back to the camp.  If you can’t lift the deer, you can secure the drag strap to your 4-wheeler and drag a deer back to the truck or camp.  The Multus deer drag is a small and large game drag. is working to design the best deer drag harness to be the most versatile and complete game carrier.   Every hunter given their size, strength, area they hunt or distance they must pull a deer may have a preferred way to drag a deer.   This best deer drag harness allows the hunter to haul a deer quickly and easily 5 ways in one product as a:  1.  Double shoulder harness   2.  Cross shoulder harness   3.  Belt loop/ waist harness   4.  Two man deer drag   5.  Single man hand pull deer drag

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